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Brain Dump: Hard at Work

August 16, 2008

I’ve been anything but hard at work this week, the culmination of busy weeks and busier weekends has finally left me with delayed brain function and I just have not been able to concentrate. So I’ve had a good catch up around my blog roll and found some nice interesting gems.

Favourite blog of the week has to go to Jeremy Cave’s Naijablog. This particular post is about a multi-million Naira juju plot to kill and control governors and chairmen.

It would be ridiculous if only it wasn’t so true! Best quote of the article is when in true Nigerian morbid expressionism, one of the people interviewed called it “a hoax and some powerful politicians must be behind this devilish act.” Makes a change from simply calling at a “lie from the pit of hell”!

Most moving title will have to go to Chris Abani (I do like this guy, I want him to be my dad!). His Shared humanity talk on TED might just make you laugh as well as cry. You’re gonna need about 15 minutes spare.

I was also whooping with delight at attending a photo exhibition featuring the work of a friend last week, not only was it great photography, but their photos featured one of my goooooorrrrgggeeeooouuusss girlfriends! Go Ama, go Ama go! See for yourself on Bandele Zuberi’s photo journal.

And in true ode-to-geek fashion, best IT blog of the week goes to the ever faithful Boxes and Arrows. Your new excuse to get an Xbox has a lot of good sense on game thinking in design and lots of interesting case studies too! I will definitely be including some of these in my own slide decks.

I shall leave you now with 5 minutes of rib tickling laughter, this guy Matt is nuts and my favourite entertainer of the year. I wish I had thought to do something this fun when I was travelling!

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