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Mrs Nelson Evora……maybe..?…..I hope…?!

August 21, 2008

Once in a while you have to allow for the fact that grown women get crushes and woah did I land on one today! Sitting there watching the triple jump final with my virtual British flag waving for Phillips Idowu, I saw the man of my dreams, Nelson Evora. Phillips was clean forgotten once this man walked on to do his jump. I may be late, as it seems he has been around for a couple of years winning things, but I’ve only just caught up and boy am I caught up!!!

I must say it has been a fabulous Olympics for the male form….good to see so many of our young men sporting such fine physiques!

And before I get lambasted by the sexist brigade, go ahead and say whatever you like about the female form on your blogs, I don’t care, this is mine and I deserve the right to perv so there!! :-p

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