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Don Emmanuel, Dionisio and the misguided Cardinal

October 7, 2008

Keeping with the theme of how people are turned evil, I must say a word or two about a trilogy I have just finished reading by Louis de Bernières (Author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin; book not the crap film it was made into). The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts, Señor Vivo and the Coca Lord and The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman are three of the best books I’ve ever read and that is no small feat! I may be a bit late seeing as these books were written in the early 90s but the first book was given to me as a birthday present this year and since then I’ve been evangelising about them so I hope I’m starting a new buzz in my own little circle!

You will start book one (Don Emmanuel) laughing your head off, if you have ever visited or have any experience with a South American country (or infact any semi-developed, prone to corruption nation) you’ll probably embarass yourself in public laughing at some of his use of Spanish language to hide his more..ahem..naughty expressions and the not so subtle references to political subterfuge and incompetent governance (big words, but trust me, it’s all there!). By they time you meet the army general turned extreme torturer, your mouth will hang open in horror at what people will do to each other in the name of a supposed cause, and this combination of extreme laughter and extreme horror provides the theme for the other two books as well.

I have not laughed or cried so much over the same text in all my life and I think every single one of you should go out and read the trilogy straight away. I’m not lending out my copies, go buy them for yourselves (that means give me back Don Emmanuel sis!!). Once you’ve read them you’ll understand why Louis is a man who understands how madness can overtake an individual with a good cause, a lack of authority and a remit to do a difficult task and turn him into a megalomaniac fanatic, fundamentalist, extremist and in no uncertain words super evil in a very short space of time!

Again enough of my rambling, I’ve purposely not given away the plot, but I felt Louis deserved a but of an ode from me on this lot….seriously good reading.

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