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Powerlist 2008: Britain’s 100 Most Influential Black People

October 27, 2008

I was sent this a few weeks ago but have only just had time to start taking it in, it’s an e-magazine so you can ‘flick’ through it online.

I think it’s an interesting publication, although in my view some of the entries are a little shaky, that is the “I am famous and black” so therefore influential. You have to wonder about the influence….is it positive or negative? For example Rio Ferdinand? I may need some educating there, as other than being another super-rich flashy footballer, I don’t know what makes him postively influential, the article about him does try and say why, but I’m not really convinced!

Another doubtful entry would be Thandie Newton….er….great example of how to be far too skinny and therefore famous?

Either way, thankfully for Rio and Thandie I didn’t have to judge who gets in and I was definitely introduced to faces I was not aware of before and that alone gives this publication a big thumbs up on my part.

Have a read and enjoy for yourselves!

(You might have to switch to full screen mode on your browser to use all it’s features…if you don’t know how, just press F11)

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