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Obamamania in Check

November 18, 2008

I bet I pulled you in with that title eh?! I’ve been silent for a couple of weeks, mainly because I’ve been holding back on joining in with Obamamania, but I shouldn’t have bothered. Shoot me if you will, but this particular lady is not necessarily overwhelmed by the appointment of a black man as President of the United States of America.

Socially speaking I am over the moon! My post on apathy earlier this year was a call for the exact kind of fervour and passion that I have seen in people in the last few weeks; belief in something, a passion for change, commitment to an ideal and the drive to make things happen. I say this fully in the knowledge that in most cases, all that has translated to here in England, is the expression of an opinion. But hey, a few months ago some people didn’t even have that, so don’t knock it! I hope that now, young black men can look to see what it is to fulfill potential. No, he didn’t exactly come from the streets, but less of these ‘youts’ than are willing to accept are from the streets. If they needed to see that you can play the game and win, they have their answer, so buck up and start working to make sure that black men in these positions is not a news-worthy item based on race first.

Politically speaking….well, I promised myself I would not swear on my blog. If under the outgoing President Bush people were starting to separate the fingers they had over their eyes and see holes in the myth of this so called saviour of the free world, they have now been convinced to going back to see no evil, hear no evil and God bless America. He may be black, but he is still taking over leadership of the most powerful and therefore inherrently most corrupt and dictatorial nation in the world. Lets not get it twisted folks, reality may bite but we should live in it. Even Obama could not change the policies of the CIA, NIS and the European oligarchy. We need to stop buying what they’re selling, whoever is in charge. Period.

A word on the newsnight interview with Dizzy…. talk about putting us in our place!! Baroness Amos was clearly not amused and quite frankly anyone who thinks it was a bit of a laugh and there was no malice behind it should not talk to me about it. A black man may be in the White House but before we get ahead of ourselves, the BBC thought it was necessary to reassure the English folk living outside of ethnic populations in the UK that these people aren’t taking anything over anytime soon. Dizzy, I’m dissapointed, you should have just said no. I may have agreed with some of the things you said, but they wanted to take the piss and they did.

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