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‘Tis the season to (pretend to) be jolly ‘

December 7, 2008

So it’s that time of year. A quick scan through my journal shows that this time last year I was also decidedly unamused and feeling quite a bit less than in the xmas spirit. It might say something about my stubborness, just because someone says I should do or feel something doesn’t mean I actually will, in fact it considerably increases the chances that I absolutely wont. This is why I can’t stand the “ho, ho, ho”, or “… here it is, merry christmas, la la la la….” of this time of year, very thinly veiled over come and spend all your money over the top movie image of what good christmases are all about.

I always felt a little bit of sympathy for the grinch, poor thing, what on earth was he supposed to do when he lives in the most sickly sweet super duper nonsense village called Whoville?! I would argue his human rights were compromised given that he was not allowed to express his dislike in peace and quiet and was instead the target of harrassment by the local ‘youf’.

Christmas Day in my family is usually a day to endure. It’s often preluded by some argument regarding whose house the whole family is supposed to go to (it doesn’t seem to have occured to anyone that the 3 families involved could all stay in their OWN homes…..). Catering for 15+ is no easy task. There there is the issue of who to buy presents for, you always have to buy for the small children, but they are multiplying by the minute. Then if you buy for your favourite aunt or uncle, what about the others? And then there is the issue of having to appear grateful to have received the 17th superdrug shower gel set in a row…..?!?! No it isn’t the thought that counts, I would have rather got a hug!

I’m thoroughly tempted to boycott all the nonsense this year and lock myself in my flat and count down to my flight to Nigeria on boxing day, my light at the end of the tunnel!

Thankfully I can always rely on friends and some family members to provide me with sanity and sunshine (despite the actual lack of sunshine in England at the moment) and interesting things to do and see.

Yesterday I went to watch Bamako as part of the London African Film Festival. I was actually quite lucky to catch it, I’d wanted to watch a few things but having been up and down to Glasgow recently I had managed to miss quite a bit. Thankfully, Bamako was no dissapointing make-do choice. In fact it was a complete knockout of a film, which I am ordering on DVD. No I won’t lend you my copy, support African film makers and buy your own here.

Abderrahmane Sissako created a scene where the World Bank and IMF are being taken to court charged with being responsible for Africa’s problems and the plaintiff is African Society. The courtroom is in a compound where real people live and real everyday lives continue including the breakdown of the marriage of a singer and her husband. It’s not the kind of film you can tell the storyline to, you just have to watch it and you won’t be dissapointed. It even has Danny Glover doing a cameo!

The main song of the film is absolutely amazing and I am now officially a fan of the female protagonist Aïssa Maïga. Although I don’t think it’s her doing the singing, it was very haunting to watch. Here it is embedded for your viewing pleasure!

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