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Christmas Credit Crunch Cracker

December 26, 2008

I’m clearly what is known as a slow blogger. I don’t have the time to blog everyday or even once a week if my recent performance is anything to go by! I say it’s quality that matters, not quantity. This has nothing to do with being a highly respected expert in procrastination ofcourse.

So, apparently there is a credit crunch (I hate that this phrase is in common vocabulary). Well you could have fooled me! Already today the news has been full of the thousands of people hitting the shops this morning. Images from Selfridges in London were particularly appalling; screaming, pushing, climbing over people, all to spend more money. Either there is no crunch, or something else is brewing afoot! I know I’m holding my purse a bit tighter, whatever happens, I’m not interested in being caught out with a housefull of things I can’t swap for food!

Today I fly out to Nigeria (woohoo!) to get my Vitamin D injection, indulge in some parental pampering and to eat Suya (the craving for which has reached serious levels!). I’ve been looking forward to this trip all winter, the levels of cold and sickness have been far too tough on my soft skin and it’s time to colour up and re-plump! It’s also the first time myself and all my siblings are going home together since 1993 so my mother is practically jumping up and down with glee!

I shall endeavour to do my usual travelling posts on here instead of Girl Around the World (so as not to confuse too much?!), so watch this space for some interesting observations and crazy endeavours on my part. There is another mountain adventure planned as well as the usual cross country missions to meet various family members and hopefully this time, I will not accidentlly format my camera and lose all my photos nor shall I be stricken with any tummy troubles!

Happy New Year all!

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