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Tweet, testify and live informed

February 17, 2009

How many of you have heard of Twitter? Some of you will be experts, some will have heard of it and kinda not really know what it is, and the others will probably be like huh? Well, it’s a micro-blogging tool. For those who don’t want the ultimate vanity or work of having your own blog, Twitter allows you to tell the world something in 140 character maximum bursts. Ofcourse it doesn’t stop you from having ridiculous numbers of posts one after the other.

It takes a while to get going, you have to make sure you follow people who you are interested in hearing about (not just the ones who tell you what they had for breakfast) but most importantly, you don’t have to say anything. If you follow the right people saying the right things, then you have your very own mini news aggregator across any topic you want.

Why is it getting so commercial? Well, you might have heard that Erykah Badu and her beau announced not only the birth of their child but also her name on Twitter. Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry are now using it with zillions of followers, entire news stories are being broken on Twitter long before they get to any major broadcaster and companies have launched advertising campaigns and been forced to back down on issues all because of the prolific nature of Twitter.

I actually went to a party celebrating it a couple of weeks ago called Twestival London. There were about 50 Twestivals happening all over the world at the same time. It was horrendous. It’s such a huge thing that you generally have nothing in common with all the people using it. A colleague of mine said its like going to a party with people who use text messaging, so what?! It doesn’t guarantee you have anything in common. Be wary!

I’m slowly but surely being converted, my network grows each day and if you’re already vain enough to have a blog and want everyone to know what you’re thinking, well then time to get Tweeting! You can have a totally open profile or you can protect your updates to people you approve (which is what I do), but if you’re a business or wanting to promote yourself then it pays to open it up to the world!

Trust Nigerians, we’ve come up with our version called NaijaPulse. And there was even a Twestival Lagos.

Have a look at a few good posts on Twitter from my Blogroll:

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Tom on Man Woman and Child discussion The Guardian’s take
David on Logic + Emotion on the power of Twitter
David McQueen discusing Online Networking

Let me know if you’re on it!

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