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Problems you didn’t know you had

March 19, 2009

Jessica Hagy. Check out her blog (ThisisIndexed), she’s great. So simple, very classy and very very funny. If you like it, buy the book, support the thinkers with x-ray glasses!

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  1. JustDB permalink
    March 19, 2009 9:36 pm

    wow…. nice stuff………wt does she do?

  2. Anonymous permalink
    March 20, 2009 12:13 am

    nice blog.

  3. LoloBloggs permalink
    March 21, 2009 12:44 am

    @JustDB I believe she illustrates full time. Quirky lady.

    @Anonymous thanks for stopping by!

  4. Shubby Doo permalink
    March 21, 2009 10:18 am

    This is do cool…thanks for the link

    Loving your blog more and more with every new post

  5. LoloBloggs permalink
    March 21, 2009 10:38 pm

    @Shubby Doo thats the kind of thing that inspires me to keep writting! Thank you!

  6. plastiQ permalink
    March 23, 2009 8:39 am

    LOL. Nice one !

  7. Afronuts permalink
    March 26, 2009 6:34 am


    I think I’m wearing the dummy hat right now.

    May be its because I never liked quantitative aptitude tests

  8. doug permalink
    March 27, 2009 1:05 pm

    Lol…I actually came here a couple of days ago and didnt understand that. I just had an “aha” moment now! lol

    Thanks for stopping by mine. Verryyy….dainty…place you have

  9. LoloBloggs permalink
    March 28, 2009 1:07 pm

    @plastiQ Thank you for coming by!

    @Afronuts Its definitely one you have to think about, but you’ll get there!

    @Doug Thank you for coming by, I quite like my blog being called dainty….very ladylike! lol!

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