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Farewell Noughties, hello tens? teens?

January 1, 2010

I’m not sure that the ‘Noughties’ ever really caught on, but what are we going to call this decade? Till we get to the 20s again it’s all a bit confusing to me!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, I’m still having mine. Smartest thing I ever did was take the first week in January off work. Yep, so next week while many trudge to work in misery, I’ll still be chilling, just the way I like it.

Last night (NYE) I stayed home and reflected. At the start of the last decade, I was young, very naive and trying to get used to the whole university thing. I was living away from home, realising money doesn’t last forever if you shop alot and go out every night. Plus to top it all off, I was still a trainer wearing, hoodie rocking, cap dapping wannabe roughneck who was never rough and actually was hiding the geek within. How times change!

This end of the decade I can look back on growing up, a lot. There are things I have done in the last decade that I could never have forseen or imagined, but yet I can never regret and will always thank God for the lessons they taught me. There are as many things I’m not proud of as those that I am proud of, but each one of them is a treasured part of who I am.

And so I look forward, if I was to act out all the many prayers I received from family yesterday, I will not only be married within three months but also have triplet boys or something like that (of course this is only  if you believe in compound prayer…ya get me…). Whatever the future holds I’m looking up. This decade is not about looking for specific things based on the expectations and occurences of my past.

It’s about being open for all the good I have no way of forseeing or expecting. It’s the serendipitious good I’m looking out for. I have plans, I have aspirations, I even have the odd ‘resolution’ style mental commitment, but I’ve forced myself not to come up with a random list of things that there is no hope of me ever doing (hell no, I shall not marathon). Above all, I have to be spiritually and emotionally open… and I’m pretty sure I will get what I deserve.

So I leave you on this first day of January 2010 with a simple mantra that I’ve been happily living by for the last 3 months “Be the change you want to see“. Whether it’s work, family, your community, your nation, your religion or your muffin top….just be the change you want to see, talk is cheap, time to get walking.

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  1. January 5, 2010 5:21 am

    I see you’re tuning your inner Obama..

  2. Akin permalink
    January 5, 2010 4:27 pm

    lol about the prayers from random, cause it just seems to me like that the only time some find some random prayer to send while not knowing much about you. You are inspiring, you are able to Sting constructively Sting (Challenge)and produce the best Honey (Encourage). I love your Hive. Thank God for you being part of my decade.

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