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Brain Dump: Adulthood, Holidays, Boys and Courting Serendipity

March 28, 2010

Hello to my blogword family! I must apologise for what has been a very extended stay away from the world of blogging. I have no excuses. I woke up the other day and realised that next week is April. APRIL!!?!! Where in the funk has this year gone? How are we already through the first quarter of the year? Well, it’s easy, when you grow up, time moves pretty swiftly. A week becomes a month which becomes three before you’ve managed to get through the backlog of phonecalls you were supposed to make to wish people Happy New Year.

Well what does one do when times moves so quickly? Grow up, speed up and get with the programme that’s what. I might try fighting this age thing (I’ll be celebrating another in a very long line of 21st birthdays later this year), but the fact is that I am GROWN! I was at an aunt’s house earlier today and a visiting family of kids started calling me aunty and my aunt grandma…I was like huh?! When did I become that kind of aunty? And grandma? She’s the same age as my mum and they’re nowhere near granny age because I’m still 21……oh yeah…..

So, I’m also in need of a holiday. This year however, I have determined that I must become a fan of long term savings and investment. BORING. Yes, but I met a lady who I’m going tap for info on the long term bonds game, you gotta be in it to make a long term profit! Therefore, I will have one big holiday and a couple of long weekends based around the super cheap last minute deal. I will concede that the big holiday is going to be a rather large galavant involving extreme destinations and yet more weddings (if I told you all the details I’d have to kill you), but still, I am keeping myself in check here.

Beware of the Sugar Daddy

Whilst planning holidays I got to thinking, where is my sugar daddy/hunky millionaire already?! My darling family are all happily distracted with the fact that my baby brother has proposed to his girlfriend (go on son!), but they haven’t quite missed out those pitiful glances in the direction of me and my two sisters. My older sister and I sat down and decided to swap war stories the other day, 2 cheaters, 1 bigamist and a bi-polar candidate later, we emptied our brandy glasses and decided so be it, the past is the past but we look ahead. We are trying!  Its a miracle we’re not giving up given that track record, but still….we come from determined stock!

And finally, last Thursday I went to an event which was another in a series of activities I’m engaging in to court serendipity. It’s a club designed for networking. Usually in the form of a dinner in a nice restaurant (for which you pre-pay, none of this cash business when people leave early!), everyone who comes along has to introduce themselves and say what they have to offer the group and what they want to gain. It’s a simple yet delightful concept. I met some supremo cool people and I fed off that energy you get when you come across a group where people are living, breathing, walking, talking achievers. That’s the kind of gang I’m all for being a part of.

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  1. March 29, 2010 7:14 pm

    I feel you…21 for a few years and then 25 for a few years more, shebi? lol!

    Long term savings and investment is definitely the way to go.

    And, btw, that pic is priceless… I beg, I need to borrow it….

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