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True Reflections

January 7, 2011
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I’m coming to the end of another eventful two weeks in my darling Nigeria. I have such a love hate relationship with this place. Kinda the same way I feel about England I guess.

As well as the usual stream of visits to family galore (every time I come, there is a new aunty or uncle I’m supposed to have known since like forever!), there has been a long line of pastors come to pray for health, wealth, husbands, children, more husbands, even more children…etc etc.

This is a seriously over religious country! But, to my surprise I met one pastor this time who gets my attitude to spirituality, and was cool with it. Anyone say progress?

I’ve also spent a week in Lagos, damn that town is nuts. It just never fails to surprise me.

We went out one night and paid what I consider to be a ludicrous amount of money to go clubbing (spent £200 in one night as opposed to about £60-100 in the UK).

Then to top it off, what I thought was a simple Hennessy hangover turned into a full blown mad fever that carried me into the New Year. So much for party hard.

And then there is the bane of everyone who lives in Lagos’ life….traffic.

One crazy minded day (I blame my mother), we set out to go from home in Lekki to the other side of town into the suburbs and a place called Ota. (Like going from Edmonton in North London to Redhill in Surrey via central London…its already far!)

We spent 6 hours in traffic, and were still about an hour away when we decided to turn around and go home. Turning around then proved to be an hour long episode at a roundabout where people were going round in the wrong direction to avoid traffic only to create more…..even I was crying out for salvation from Jesus Christ. Sheesh.

So, one thing I’ve been thinking about while here is that I maybe need to think about doing my National Youth Service. If I don’t do it, it would be unlikely I could ever get a job in Nigeria. Not sure I wanna keep that door closed.

I’ve heard that as a ‘foreign graduate’ I’d only have to chose between doing it in Abuja or Lagos (which means in both cases I can live in the family home). That removes my fear of far off distant towns where I’d be the pepperless oyinbo girl in town.

What to do? Can I live for a year in Nigeria? With the ups and downs of this place I have a bunch of equal advantages and disadvantages.

Decisions decisions……

Maybe when I’m sitting back on my couch in London with the heating on full, a blanket around my shoulders and a ceramic heater at my feet it won’t be such a complicated choice eh!

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  1. January 10, 2011 2:09 pm

    My sisters did the nysc thing… in absentia.
    All they had to do was show up for 3 weeks in the beginning and at the end of it to get their certificate.
    I guess someone has closed that loophole then. :/

    Good to see you had a grand time though.. and happy new year!

    • January 13, 2011 11:20 am

      Oh yeah, you can actually do it in absentia. That’s no issue at all.

  2. January 13, 2011 11:15 am

    Typing this from….traffic.Mad at the traffic and I don’t know if to vent my anger on you for making your posts only an excerpt in Google Reader. Mschew. And I am still really angry! Stupid traffic. mschew.

    Okay okay so you are in Nigeria. Cool! You had better do your Youth Service o. There are just a few adventures that are worth going in for at least once in a life time. That, darling, is one of them.

    Back to reality. There’s a lot of traffic here in…*sigh* Lekki.

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