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Buses make us lose our humanity

February 11, 2009

I hated getting the train and underground to work so I was quite looking forward to moving so I could jump on a bus where I always find a seat and can open a window to get some fresh air.

That is until recently. Recently I’ve been thinking my problem with public transport across the board is that people actually behave like animals. For example, I made a conscious decision not to run, push or be in the crowd during rush hour on the underground. The stress was guaranteed to ruin my day before I’d even got to work and if I was late, then I was late, my well being was more important to me. And it worked.

On the buses, I am fortunate enough to get on very near the start of the route and all I have to do is observe what happens as the bus gets crowded and not actually deal with it. Firstly, bus drivers in London male and female are w*nkers. Their little five minutes of power and control clearly goes to their head.

Secondly people have no sense, you got on the bus, you know how pissed off you would be if you hadn’t been able to get on the bus, so why do you have a problem moving down the bus so that other people can also get on?!?!

A recent example for me is the awful case of the drunken passenger (of which there are too many on my route both morning and evening…don’t get this in South London I tell ya!).

Someone had been impatient to get off the bus when it stopped at lights before a stop, so they used the manual latch thingy (note this was a young white professional male, NOT a rowdy youth!).

But this was clearly faulty as the driver couldn’t then close the door. It was a 149 bendy bus (bane of London) and it was the door furthest from the driver. Instead of coming to have a look, the driver stayed sitting in his cab, told everyone he couldn’t move because the door was broken and switched off the engine.

In the meantime, the drunken lady who had been pissing us off as well as entertaining us had a few ideas about how to sort out the door, so she got up, and pushed, shoved and pulled the door closed. Because she was so drunk, she managed this and left herself on the wrong side of the doors. The driver started the engine and drove drove off as she was trying to get back on the bus while some of us remaining passengers were inside.

I was shouting “wait, she has to get back on..” for the driver to hear, but people just looked at me funny as if I had committed some great crime and although a few of them said “, poor thing” they basically didn’t care and didn’t force the driver (who still had not bothered to step out of the cab) to wait.

Just one of many crappy stories about the basic failings of people when it comes to public transport; not standing for older, pregnant or child carrying people, standing at the bus stop and watching someone run for a bus you don’t want but not asking the driver to wait, putting your bag on a seat and behaving like you own it…the list is endless!

I basically don’t like the snobby, dressed up, I’m too cool for school, my business is important, don’t care about you, get out of my f***ing way attitude that people have. Stop and think for a moment, how much easier it would be to have some basic courtesy.


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