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Californication and a new home

September 15, 2009

The White Wedding Set-UpI guess we have to conclude that I have officially had a summer holiday from blogging! Well so be it! I’ve enjoyed the break, it’s been a fun summer and I don’t regret one minute of the time that I didn’t spend blogging!

First things first, welcome to my new home! There are many reasons why I’ve migrated this blog to WordPress; I want to have the ability to do more with it in the future as well as link it to other projects (she taps her nose…) and blogger just didn’t look like it was going to cut it. I’m quite sad to leave blogger behind, but still looking forward to seeing what I can do here.

You may also have noticed that I have gone for a much simpler layout and design, this is to try and avert my boredom threshold which is currently very low when it comes to overly designed websites. Lets go for simplicity in style and hopefully more interesting and engaging content!

So, I’m currently across the water, I figured the folks in yankee (Nigerian slang for the US) hadn’t seen me in a while. I was at the most amazing family wedding over the weekend, the kind of wedding that makes every woman in attendance both shudder with the enormity of the organisation, but weep with emotion and get a very real itch to get married and do it big!

For those who don’t know Nigerian weddings have 3 events over three days (maybe not consecutively but in this case they were). Day 1 is the introduction of the two families. The parents and family representatives of the groom go to the bride’s father’s house to meet, greet, eat and size each other up. Day 2 is the Traditional Wedding ceremony (also known as the Engagement to allow for Christian formalities) and Day 3 is the White Wedding. And lest you start thinking about a big wedding in terms of western numbers; day 1 had about 30 people involved, day 2 about 150 and day 3 I would estimate saw no less than 400 people. It’s hard to keep count, 1 invite comes with upwards of 5 guests (forget plus one requests or rsvps).

You can imagine just how stressful this whole thing must have been to put together, especially when it all happened in a state away from where the couple now live and catered for a lot of national and international arrivals. As we say in Naija “They tried-o!”.

I must mention my most wonderful of flying experiences on the way here. I’ve blogged previously that despite being a regular traveller, flying just isn’t my cup of tea. Well I have more reasons to add to this now; for the sake of a ridiculously cheap fare for 24 hours only, I bought a ticket to fly Continental. May God give me the runs if I ever chose to be such a miser for such a long flight again in my life.

When we first got on the plane at Heathrow, I was struck by a smell; you know that damp cloth smell you get if you don’t dry out cleaning cloths or take clothes out of the washing machine in time. It had an extra edge to it and it was strong, but it wasn’t quite piss. So I figured, hey, they’ve just cleaned the plane, the smell will go away when the engines start and the A/C comes on….. WRONG!

This plane ponged for 10 straight hours! Everytime I thought I’d gotten used to it, I would get a fresh waft…I’m pretty certain it even woke me up on some occassions. Add to that the appalling food, which had cheese in everything (they ignored my no dairy request), was microwaved to an inch of its life and smelt like cabbage.

ContinentalI also learned a very valuable lesson about touch screens; there are apparently 14 wrong ways to use one. I actually can’t tell you the right way to use the Continental touch screens because everytime I thought I’d figured it out and tried again it didn’t work. So in case any of you are unfortunate enough to find yourselves on a Continental transatlantic flight, don’t tap, double tap, tap and hold, double tap and hold, drag, tap and drag, slide, tap and roll, tap with two fingers, tap hard, tap soft, surprise tap (although this seemed to work more than the others), roll your fingers over the surface, keep your finger on for more than 5 minutes or smack the screen with your palm (the person in front won’t thank you for it).

That’s all for now folks, but welcome to a new day of blogging!

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  1. September 15, 2009 11:19 am

    welcome to the real world then… WordPress is it…

  2. October 10, 2009 10:21 pm

    Aha.. So this is the post I missed..

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